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           Dr. Joseph M. Domenech, the author of this website, has more than thirty five years experience in the Proprietary Allied Health Care Field and Clinical Sciences in which he has taught in more than some fifteen categories from Allied Health Proprietary Education to Nursing, to Physicians and Doctors, and in Laboratory Fields, and in more than seventeen schools in the greater metropolitan areas of New York State and New Jersey State (since 1983).   He has held directorship in several facilities with successful management, and is a Licensed Director by the State Education Department.  In addition, he has held several Director of Education positions as well as being a Licensed Clinical Instructor with teaching expertise in such areas as Medical Assistant, Medical Billing & Coding, Medical  Laboratory Technician, Pharmacology, Phlebotomy/IV/EKG, Electrocardiography (EKG) [Didactic & Diagnostic Levels], Dialysis, Nursing Division (RN/PA/LPN/MA/CNA/EHR/HHA/PCA), Biology, Clinical Chemistry, Hematology, Microbiology, Serology, Blood Banking (Immunohematology), Parasitology, Medical Records, Office Administration & Billing, Business Courses and GED, English, Laboratory Techniques & Procedures, A & P, Clinical Office Procedures, CPR (Levels I-IV, Licensed AHA & ARC), First aid.  He is also a Registered American Heart Association Instructor in Basic Cardiac Life Support.

He has worked in Curriculum Development for a variety of curriculums (MA, CNA, HHA, MLT, etc.) written for a variety of schools and continually consulted upon for the same.  All curriculums written by this author have been reviewed with State Approval.  For years he has worked closely with the Department of Education and Department of Labor assisting and guiding such programs as Welfare-to-Work, WOIA, CWEP, AWEP, WIA, TANF, GA, SNAP, and many others, all of which he proposes is his target population in achieving self-sustaining through education and information. His target population has always been the Disadvantaged, Displaced, Dislocated Worker and Bilingual, Immigrant, and Low Income people of all our communities.

He has worked as a Department Head, a Clinical Field Supervisor and in Job Development for the same period.  In this capacity he has developed over some 500 Medical/Clinical Contact Affiliations.  He has taught both adult and adolescent age levels for more than 25 years (including difficult student populations – Rescidivant), and has taken over 100 hours of Advanced Teaching Credit Courses in the Allied Health Teaching Profession.  Through this authors hands have gone over some 10,000 students who are now managers, teachers, clinicians, physicians, nurses, department heads, and too many more to mention here, and all have succeeded.

And he is here to help you achieve your goals !

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